Our mission:

To prepare and sustain a community of learners who are inspired and empowered to succeed in our diverse world.

Our vision:

Active learners. everyone engaged. a caring, thriving community.


Children must be supported at all stages from cradle to career in order to achieve success. Yonkers Thrives believes that when you systematically align sectors and the organizations within sectors you break the silos that doom success. 

So far, to realize our mission, 50+ committed community partners have come together. These include

  • Nonprofit Providers
  • Government and Civic
  • Business
  • Education systems - public and private
  • Philanthropic and faith communities

Yonkers Thrives - A History

In 2013, Yonkers was looking at what could be done to create better outcomes for the children and youth of Yonkers. They did their research and decided to join the StriveTogether network. StriveTogether, with their focus on data, collective impact and continuous improvement had already shown success in multiple cities across America. 

Partners began meeting in 2012 during a daylong Design Institute, and began to develop their cradle to career education vision. In 2014, Yonkers signed a partnership agreement with StriveTogether and named their initiative Yonkers Thrives.

Learn more about Yonkers Thrives as the Mayor proclaims June 11 as "Yonkers Thrives Day"


Since 2014, we have:

  • Secured partnership agreements with over 50 organizations in a variety of sectors throughout Yonkers.
  • Created an infrastructure that includes a blended backbone (United Way, Westchester Children's Assocation and CPCY), a Leadership Council, Executive Committee and hired a Partnership Director.
  • Developed a set of Core Operating Principles that guides and directs the Partnership's actions
  • Developed Core Data Indicators which we will be tracking
  • Finalized the key outcomes that the Partnership will target:
    • Kindergarten Readiness
    • 3rd Grade Literacy
    • 8th Grade Math
    • High School Graduation
    • Post Secondary Enrollment
    • Post Secondary Completion or Vocational Training
  • Signed a data agreement with the Yonkers Board of Education. This is critical in our development of data oriented objectives. We are in the process of signing data agreements with a variety of other organizations within Yonkers
  • Launched first Action Network - Kindergarten Readiness. Kindergarten Readiness is a very rich place in which to start - impact on outcomes at that stage can affect the trajectory of a family's entire life
  • Focused on our first five projects out of the Kindergarten Action Network. To learn more about our Kindergarten Readiness Network,click here.