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This agreement states the shared commitment of members of the Stakeholder Table of Yonkers Thrives Partnership to foster a community-wide effort to dramatically improve life outcomes for every child, every step of the way, from cradle through college and career. This group will work together to prepare and sustain a community of learners by leveraging the expertise of a network of families, educators, business leaders, community advocates and service providers to support the lifelong success of families and youth in the community.

Members of the Stakeholder Table will lead a collaborative effort to knock down the barriers to educational and economic success through realignment, improvement or leveraging of existing resources beginning at birth and carrying through early adulthood.

In order to achieve these results, for every child, every step of the way, from cradle to career, local and regional leaders at all levels of the education, nonprofit, civic, community, business, governmental, and philanthropic sectors are working together as part of the Yonkers Thrives Partnership to tackle some of our most pressing challenges, and to take advantage of some of our biggest opportunities.

The Stakeholder Table members commit to the following vision, mission and goals:


  • Active learners. Everyone engaged. A caring, thriving community.


  • To prepare and sustain a community of learners who are inspired and empowered to succeed in our diverse world.


  • Each child enters our schools with the literacy, social, emotional and physical strengths needed for successful learning.
  •  Every child, K through grade 12, achieves social, emotional, physical, and academic success with the support of the community members. 
  • All students succeed academically and are prepared for the workforce and independent living. All community members champion opportunities that connect students to postsecondary education and successful careers.                             

To achieve the goals of the partnership, the Stakeholder Table members agree to:

  • Promote and model the effective use of data, champion data-driven decision-making, and promote the use of methods of continuous quality improvement. Lead and participate with Collaborative Action Networks to do this work around specific outcomes. Build the necessary local data management infrastructure to collect, analyze, and report data at the community and practitioner levels to enable us to improve student outcomes and share data from our programs to promote continuous quality improvement among all stakeholders.
  • Implement the following strategies of collective impact:
    • Collaborating across all sectors and together search for strategies that work
    • Aligning efforts and resources behind a common set of community outcomes
    • Reporting annually on a set of core community-level outcomes
    • Aligning advocacy and funding around what works
    • Using existing resources more effectively to produce better student and family outcomes
    • Holding one another accountable for continuous improvement
  • Create a cradle-to-career civic infrastructure through the application of the StriveTogether Theory of Action.
  • Follow the operating principles of the Partnership.

This Statement of Shared Commitment is a statement of intent only, and is not binding upon the parties. 

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