Kindergarten Readiness

         Parent Advisory Group


Be part of the Yonkers Thrives Parent Advisory Group focused on children - prenatal to age 5!


We need you to -

     Tell us about the issues and concerns you have for your young children

     Help us develop communication programs that really work in getting the word out to the community

     Help to educate parents on resources available for children and families

     Be part of events to help focus on issues of importance to young children in Yonkers

     Look at data with us to help us spot trends and issues

     Help us to develop mentor programs for parents in need

We will work around your schedules and find ways to get you involved!


Yonkers Thrives is a community based partnership of the public and private sector. Our goal is to unite and mobilize the Yonkers community to make sure there is support for every child to thrive-from cradle to career. It is based on a proven model (StriveTogether) used in over 100 communities in the US.

Our Kindergarten Readiness Action Network has an ambitious goal - By 2020 - 80% of children in Yonkers should be Kindergarten Ready. Right now only 62% of children entering kindergarten are ready to learn. And, in some areas that figure is 30%. Click here to learn more.

To join the kindergarten network (or one of our other groups), click here.


For more information, contact our Partnership Director,
Margie Schustack at