A Proven Model for Success
A National Movement to improve education for every child.

Yonkers Thrives has been part of the StriveTogether network since 2013.  


StriveTogether launched in 2006 in Cincinnati and Kentucky. Today it is a national network connecting 10,000+ organizations and impacting over 8.2 million children. Now 90 communities in over 30 states are part of this movement, including Yonkers Thrives

StriveTogether has proven results in 47 out 53 core indicators for improving the life of children at key stages of their lives from cradle to career.

This proven model enables members to share expertise, identify and adapt programs that really work and identify and develop effective tools and resources.

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Now, hear about the Cradle to Career Civic Infrastructure from Jeff Edmonson, Managing Director of StriveTogether

What is the StriveTogether Model?

The StriveTogether approach focuses on the following:

  • Improving and reporting on a core set of academic outcomes
  • Building cross-sector partnerships with educational institutions, community-based organizations, businesses, government and philanthropy
  • Developing and sustaining a cradle to career civic infrastructure to ensure that the Partnership stays focused on outcomes for children
  • Implementing a data-driven, quality approach to collective impact that helps align existing resources to increase impact by using data to determine what works best for children.
  • Communities regularly use this data to consistently implement and improve strategies.

What is the Theory of Action?

There are numerous approaches to collective impact. StriveTogether uses a series of quality benchmarks called the Theory of Action to ensure that our activities have a real effect. The Theory of Action is what StriveTogether networks use to build and sustain their civic infrastructure. It is based on series of benchmarks and gateways that the Partnership must go through. These benchmarks and gateways help to show how the community is doing in aligning their resources to effectively serve children. 

The theory of Action also focuses on the student data indicators that are set by the Partnership. Through data tracking and focusing on these indicators, we are able to see whether our actions are really having an impact.
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The structure of StriveTogether rests on four pillars framed around the unique strengths and needs of an individual community