We Focus on Outcomes

Yonkers Has What It Takes to Make Change Happen

Caring Families * Dedicated Educators * Committed Government * Responsible Businesses * Capable Nonprofit Organizations * Generous Philanthropists * Expert Health Care Providers


The children of Yonkers face a lot of challenges. And, learning doesn’t begin and end in the classroom. Did you know that children only spend 8% of their time in school? Transforming children into educated, independent adults is the job of the entire community. 

Here's How to Make Change Happen

Data-Drive Decision Making  *  Building Common Goals  *  Advocating for Results  *  Funding Alignment

As a member of the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network, the Partnership is focused on moving our community to collective impact, where collaborative action is rooted in shared accountability, and all partners have aligned goals, budgets, work plans and measurements. Learn more here.


  • Recruit and cultivate partners
  • Convene and help to hold partners accountable
  • Facilitate problem-solving
  • Keep partners informed
  • Identify shared resources
  • Communicate results and progress. Learn more here.


Evidence-Based Decision Making
No More Guessing at What Works!

Photo by Stuart Jenner/iStock / Getty Images
  • Help determine core data sets needed
  • Help partners set up data collection systems and processes
  • Gather data from partners
  • Facilitate analysis of data, how it is presented & reviewed by community
  • Bring evidence-based best practice models. Learn more here.